Who We Are:

People helping people in a variety of roles to enhance the overall quality of life in their communities.

Why choose us? 

We pride ourselves on providing personal service to each and every one of our Associations. We believe in personable hands on management by people who care. Our portfolio to include communities that match our vision for integrity and transparency, so all of our partners receive quality service from our team. This allows us to provide excellent communication, quickly accomplish  goals, and resolve the day-to-day business of the Association that a single manager or large corporation cannot achieve.

Are you ready for a change?

As a board member or community member of a Homeowners Association, you understand the role and importance of a well executed community management. You need a partner to help guide you to the right decisions for your members, one that will do their best to save money, one who respects your decisions and will direct you to the best choices possible to protect your property and encourage it to prosper.

When considering a partner to help your Homeowner’s Association be effective and organized, give us a call. We’re people helping people enhance the quality of life and build a better community together.

Colorado Partners Association Management, LLC believes in integrity and transparency in all daily transactions. This approach allows us to provide the exceptional service your association deserves, with attention to detail and a focus on building relationships. We care about your communities and aim to create trust and confidence with the board and your homeowners. 

Along with the services we offer our software allows Real Time figures on reports, statements and allows convenience for the Boards and Resident Owners.

We feel that Community is important in any Association. We sponsor Community seminars at no cost. We have industry professionals giving the lecture and answering neighborhood concerns. These seminars are available to all Communities.


Leah McDonnell - Owner

Leah McDonnell was born in rural upstate New York and has been in Colorado since 2002. She was dedicated to the Department of Homeland Security Federal Protective Service call center for 13 years with 5 years of previous experience as a Public Safety Officer with Los Alamos County, New Mexico.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Ithaca college. She has been managing HOA’s for 5 years now. She is diligent in seeking continuing education above and beyond DORA requirements and is resourceful in her research and knowledge for the industry.



Shanneen Barron - Apprentice

She was born in New Mexico but has lived in Colorado since she was five. Both her parents and both sets of grandparents were born in Colorado. So, that makes her a native! She lives in south Denver with her husband and three daughters. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications. She has experience in a variety of office settings and different businesses. She also ran a successful business for over ten years. She's organized, task focused and has the desire to keep amazing customer service alive in this world!


Our office strives to answer the phone and emails promptly. We do offer a 24-7 phone line for urgent needs.  We have exceptional and longstanding relationships will all of our vendors, so they too respond quickly. Communication is vital to keeping your homeowners and association happy, growing and healthy.